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Luxury Malta Yacht Chartering is the ideal way to explore the Mediterranean islands, with their clear waters, vibrant marine life, and rich island culture. Here is some Interesting Information about sailing charters in Malta.

Malta’s honeyed limestone coast boasts an array of treasures, including coves inaccessible by land, megalithic temples and baroque cathedrals, quiet fishing villages, and sprawling olive groves.


Malta’s limestone formation has resulted in spectacular cruising grounds, from its legendary Blue Lagoon with boulders enclosing it to the mysterious Blue Grotto glistening in the water. A Malta yacht charter is an excellent way to discover this island nation, offering access to luxury spas, art galleries, and fine-dining restaurants, as well as time travel through Valletta’s ancient streets—an experience that will remain with you forever.

Malta’s position at the southern tip of the Mediterranean Sea ensures an extended summer charter season from April to October, offering pleasant temperatures. No matter which yacht charter type you select, be it crewed sailing yacht charter, catamaran, or sports yacht, you will be charmed by Malta’s vibrant mix of sun, beaches, and local culture.

As they anchored in Mistra Bay, Dee had some peaceful time to reflect on her late father’s ashes that she had scattered here. Together with Graham, they enjoyed an exquisite lunch prepared by the yacht’s chef before spending their afternoon relaxing on deck.


With an expert skipper on your yacht charter, Malta’s many hidden treasures will become much easier to discover. Avoid crowds while exploring Malta’s beaches and coves in style! At First Yacht Charters, we offer various charter options, such as sunset cruises and full-day excursions, as well as activities like snorkeling and diving.

Experience an unforgettable sailing adventure to celebrate any occasion—be it a birthday, anniversary, or proposal. Your captain is an experienced local yachtsman passionate about sailing, and our team members are professionals with vast knowledge about the islands.

Malta is a treasure chest of historical attractions and natural marvels ranging from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to timeless fishing villages, as well as unique experiences like diving into a borderless swimming pool – this should not be missed when visiting Malta! From historic monuments such as its two World Heritage sites (Portion 1&amp 2) to timeless fishing villages on Comino. Not to be forgotten are natural phenomena like its beautiful bays and coves lined with rocks. Not forgetting one of its must-see spots like Comino’s Blue Lagoon, which feels like diving right into an infinite swimming pool, is definitely a must-see attraction for all visitors!


Sailing in Malta is an unforgettable way to experience both its breathtaking natural beauty and world-renowned history. On board either a crewed yacht or private catamaran, you will explore hidden coves while swimming in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. As temperatures remain mild throughout the summertime, sailing vacations will make sure every moment counts!

Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino boast some of the most transparent waters in all of the Mediterranean, making them perfect for swimming and other water activities. Spend your day relaxing at one of Malta’s many sandy beaches or explore its rugged coves of Blue Grotto – it will never fail to amaze you!

A yacht rental in Malta is ideal during its high season from June to September; however, you may also take pleasure in boating trips during May and October when prices are slightly less and crowds are smaller. Many boats available through our platform come equipped with options to hire both skipper and crew if desired for an enhanced sailing experience.


Private yacht charters provide the ideal way to experience Malta, whether you prefer quiet solitude or meeting new people. Malta boasts beautiful beaches and coves, as well as some of its most notable landmarks that can be viewed from the water, such as St Paul’s Islands Caves or Dingli Cliffs – plus many others, can be spotted from your private vessel!

First-time charterers should know what to expect when booking a yacht. Charter fees typically cover the hire, crew, and insurance; any extras such as food, beverages, and fuel would need to be added separately. Tipping between 10-20 percent of your charter fee to crew members is customary as well.

Sailo offers an expansive selection of Malta yachts to rent for any duration – be it a day, week, or longer! No matter your occasion – dinner party hosting or family outing – Sailo has the ideal yacht to meet all your needs. Get your search underway today, and book the boat of your dreams in Malta today!


Yacht charters offer an enjoyable way to discover Malta. Relax on its idyllic beaches or trace 7000 years of human settlement history on this idyllic archipelago; Malta offers something for every type of explorer.

Malta offers the ideal conditions for yacht charterers between April and October, when the weather is warm and dry, and beaches and marinas are less crowded. This timeframe can also make for an excellent first-time charter experience without all the stress associated with competing for space in busy ports during July/August heat waves.

Searching boats on Sailo allows you to refine your results based on price, trip length, and number of guests. Use our filters to filter by skipper, including extra costs paid or bareboat. You will sail yourself (a boating resume is required). With Sailo, you are sure you will find your perfect Malta boat rental!