How to Enter the Doodle for Google Contest


Through this contest, students have an opportunity to win college scholarships while having their doodle displayed on Google’s homepage. It is held annually with different themes designed to ignite children’s creativity. How do you find the Contextual Links?

The contest is open to students in all US states – homeschooled students as well as children of military personnel serving abroad can enter. Illustrations must be entirely original for consideration.


Every year, Google holds its Doodle for Google contest to give students from around the United States the chance to design its logo and win scholarships. The winning doodle appears on Google’s homepage and inspires young artists. Furthermore, this competition promotes art as an expressive form that connects us all through shared experience and expression. In order to enter this competition, students must design a doodle that meets submission requirements and reflects this year’s theme and theme submission requirements.

This year’s competition theme is “My Wish for the Next 25 Years,” in recognition of Google’s 25th birthday. Submissions may come from any medium, from traditional paper and crayons to innovative digital tools, and will be judged based on artistic merit, creativity, and theme communication.

For optimal doodle creation, research your chosen theme and gather inspiration from other artists. However, remember to incorporate your personal artistic style into the final product; an effective doodle should tell a story, stir emotion, and reflect individual vision. Taking time to brainstorm your ideas will ensure your doodle remains original and meaningful.

Once your doodle is completed, submit it via the contest website along with an artist statement highlighting how your piece relates to its theme and inspiration. When your entry has been received, you’ll receive a notification, though depending on its complexity, you may need to submit an additional version for publication if needed. All submissions are reviewed by both Google and Cogs & Marvel USA Inc., an independent third-party administrator.


The Doodle for Google contest invites students of any age enrolled in US-based schools or homeschooled to create illustrations inspired by each year’s theme. Submissions can include traditional crayons, clay sculptures, found objects, or digital art. Winning illustrations will be judged based on artistic merit, creativity, and the ability to communicate their theme effectively. Participants from kindergarten through high school may enter this contest.

Participants agree to grant Google a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, unrestricted license to use, reproduce, prepare derivative works from, display, perform and distribute entries submitted for promotional purposes. Participants also certify that their entries are their original work or they own and obtained permission from their owners of intellectual property rights; furthermore, their entries do not violate any intellectual property or other right belonging to another person or entity and do not breach any law or regulations in doing so. Find the best Authority Backlinks.

Once a doodle has been selected by judges, it will be showcased online in a virtual gallery on the Doodle for Google website for five days of public voting to determine five National Finalist and ultimately one grand prize winner, who will receive Google hardware as well as recognition on this site.

Voting REQUIRES A REGISTRATION TO VIEW DOODLES. Voting Begins May 22nd, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PDT and ends on June 4th at 11 p.m. PDT. THE Doodle for Google Contest is only open to students enrolled in schools within the 50 United States (including Puerto Rico ) plus freely associated states like The District of Columbia or Military bases located within US boundaries.

Entry requirements

The Doodle for Google competition offers students in grades K-12 the chance to have their artwork featured prominently on Google’s homepage each year. Each year has a specific theme; 2024 saw “My Wish for the Next 25 Years.” Students aged K-12 were invited to create artwork based on this subject matter; all submissions were judged for creativity and the presentation of the theme; winners received college scholarships. Entries also display an online gallery exhibiting the top five illustrations being selected as National Finalists by Google employees before an ultimate winner is determined from these.

Students can submit entries by filling out an entry form and uploading it directly to the official contest website, including high-resolution digital photos or scans of their submissions. A panel of judges will then judge each submission based on creativity and theme communication; one winning entry will even be featured prominently on Google’s homepage for one day!

Entering contests has advantages and drawbacks, with preparation for competitive environments being the biggest hurdle. Students should carefully consider how much time and energy they’re willing to put into their submissions and manage expectations accordingly. This will also help them understand what judges look for when selecting winning designs from previous winners.

This competition is open to students enrolled in US schools, homeschooled children, and military personnel overseas—including homeschooled children, homeschooled students, and homeschooled military members overseas. Submissions can range from traditional art forms like oil paintings or pastel drawings to digital media forms like animation and 3D modeling, as well as traditional arts like sculpture or traditional media like collage. Students should create their entries using one of the provided templates before uploading them in high-resolution digital format for submission or by mail. Best way to find the Classified Profile Links.


Participating in the Google Doodle contest offers participants a fantastic opportunity to see their artwork featured on millions of Google homepages, plus scholarships and other prizes as prizes for winning artwork. This art competition is open to children from kindergarten through 12th grade in the US.

Each year, Google selects a theme and invites students to submit doodles that interpret it creatively and artistically. Judges consider creativity, artistic merit, and how well each doodle communicates the theme. Selected entries then go up for public voting online until June 4, when the finalists are announced. One national winner receives his or her artwork displayed prominently on Google’s Homepage for one day and receives a college scholarship award.

Students interested in participating in this contest should complete and submit the official entry form by April 23rd. This entry form requires them to include their doodle, 50-word artist’s statement, and parental or guardian consent as parts of their submissions; judges will evaluate entries on creativity, ability to communicate the theme effectively, and how well it fits within the Google logo’s design. Cogs & Marvel USA Inc. will serve as a third-party administrator of the contest submission process and management.

Creative expression and the ability to interpret the theme are at the core of every winning doodle design. Google encourages entrants to think creatively while staying within these guidelines. Familiarizing oneself with winning entries may give an indication of the quality required for success. Competition is fierce, so setting expectations realistically is vital. Even though submitting something that may not win may be disappointing for some students, persevering is necessary!

Winners of the Google Doodle Contest can take home various rewards, from college scholarships to being featured on Google Home for one day. Furthermore, winners also receive various other monetary benefits and recognition. Selection for these awards depends upon creativity and interpretation of this year’s theme.

Google announces an annual contest theme, and the winning illustration will become their logo for that day. When entering, make sure your doodle matches up perfectly with this year’s theme; winning artwork should be original without including logos or copyrighted images. Winners will be notified via email and phone.

The contest is open to students from kindergarten to high school and requires applicants to submit their illustrations online by the deadline. Each submission will then be evaluated by a panel of judges before finalist selection occurs. The winner will ultimately be announced on the Google homepage, with millions of people viewing, and awarded a prize package including Google hardware/swag!

A student from Kalispell, Montana, won this year’s Google Doodle competition. Her drawing, “My Wish for the Next 25 Years,” will be displayed on the Google homepage for one day. Furthermore, she will receive a $30,000 college scholarship and $50,000 for technology expenditures at her school.

Students participating in the Doodle for Google Contest must submit their doodles in digital format no later than March 14, 2024, and must not incorporate any existing work, such as other doodles, logos, or images protected by intellectual property law. Furthermore, all participants must sign a declaration form that grants Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use their creation without payment to either themselves or their parent or legal guardian.

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