National Paving: Streamline Operations and Leverage Economies of Scale


National Paving allows for efficient and effective collaboration between contractor and client and offers world-class results without sacrificing the same attention to quality as provided by local providers. Best way to find Asphalt companies in Glendale.

Historians credit a Belgian chemist with creating the first rock asphalt pavement in 1870 in front of Newark City Hall. Since then, asphalt technology has made significant advances.

Streamlined Operations

National paving companies can help your property run more smoothly by serving as the sole point of contact for all services, making managing multiple properties much simpler. Furthermore, look for businesses that combine a national model with local contractors so as to combine the competitive pricing and expertise of a national firm with the prompt service and market expertise of local providers – offering the best of both worlds!

AI can also streamline operations, helping with both project planning and execution. Predictive analytics from AI provide contractors with probability-based scenarios of how their projects could go; this allows them to budget resources more accurately. Furthermore, quality control programs use AI to analyze surface data against predetermined parameters to ensure all work meets stringent standards.

Automation and AI introduce opportunities to modernize construction practices; however, their implementation presents the challenge of reskilling workers to adapt. JEMSU works with contractors to convey the benefits of these technological advancements to audiences using analogies such as teaching old dogs new tricks. A contractor could use statistics that illustrate AI’s positive effect on operational efficiency as an illustration.

Economies of Scale

Economies of scale refer to the cost-saving benefits that larger businesses reap due to increased efficiency and synergies. They can either be internal or external – internal economies of scale result from managerial decisions, while external ones depend on market forces and external influences.

Assuming that a firm’s input markets are perfectly competitive (meaning the per-unit costs do not change as a function of the quantity purchased), then economies of scale may exist if increasing returns to scale dominate; conversely, diseconomies of scale may develop if decreasing returns to scale dominate.

Bundled pavement replacement contracts create multiple and conflicting effects on procurement efficiency, as evidenced in Figure 7 panel B, where bidding decreased with transportation distance. The proximity of contract sites to either one’s own asphalt plant or competing plants influences bidding behavior.

Table 4 indicates that other key considerations also influence the economic viability of bids, including project cost, pavement quality, and other criteria. Accordingly, multicriteria analysis should be employed to prioritize projects before their construction begins.

One Point of Contact

Management of multiple locations nationwide can be a complex endeavor, particularly when it comes to parking lot management and asphalt paving services. Partnering with a national paving partner makes things simpler by giving you one point of contact that allows you to track project status and progress, receive answers quickly if any questions or issues arise, and avoid delays in completion on schedule.

Dense pavements require density to last over time, and three factors significantly influence it: stiff mixtures, tender mixtures, and aggregate degradation. By paying attention to these aspects of operation and adapting operations accordingly, it is possible to optimize in-place density.

Thermal imaging technology allows paving contractors to monitor the temperature uniformity of HMA mat placement behind a paver screed, improving efficiency by quickly responding to areas that are cooler than others.

C.B. Kuzlik brings over 25 years of experience cultivating relationships and perfecting his paving practices as the founder and owner of Let’s Pave, an industry-leading national paving contractor that provides superior commercial asphalt maintenance programs for airports, retail shopping centers, office complexes, and municipalities across North America.

Local Expertise

National paving companies can be invaluable resources for streamlining operations and taking advantage of economies of scale, but you want one with local knowledge as well. Search for businesses that supplement their nationwide reach with a network of contractors located around your community that offer competitive pricing, prompt service delivery, and deep market understanding.

Paving is a construction process that involves installing or replacing hard surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, or roads with hard surfaces such as gravel, crushed stone, or concrete. Paving may be performed manually or mechanically and includes using base materials like gravel, crushed stone, or concrete as its foundation. Paving has numerous applications in commercial properties like industrial sites, professional offices, hotels, motels, and malls, as well as in residential spaces like driveways and patios – it has even been applied in golf courses, airport runways, and other public places!